Valentine's Day Lips

Let’s be honest--the best part about Valentine’s Day is dressing for Valentine’s Day, and finding ways to add little pops of pink and red into your already gorgeous ensemble. Well ladies, look no further--we’ve got a couple options for all of ya'll!

For starters, I rarely wear lipstick because my lips just have too many grooves and don’t seem very smooth, and after an hour I feel like the joker with dry crackle-y lips. I’m also not a big lip gloss person either. But now I’ve found a few great lip wears that, if they work for me, must work for you!


The first is Melted Matte by Two Faced. It’s a liquified matte and it’s basically the most amazing thing ever. Two Faced has an original version that has a “lipstick sponge” applicator, and a newer version (I also have the color linked) that has an applicator identical to what a lip gloss would look like. I have one of each and both are great, but the one I’m talking about for V-Day is their original liquified long wear lipstick in Peony. Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with peonies like us. So obviously I saw this and thought, “Yes. This is a must.” It’s the perfect shade of pink to make your lips pop, without making you feel like your 85 year old grandma. And it holds up pretty dang well through a meal! Because of course, my life centers around when I'm eating next...

Moving on… my next suggestion is a true and true lipstick. But not just any lipstick. I’m talking MAC. It feels like I’m putting velvet on my lips, if that’s a thing. I have the color Diva, and it’s such a classic red. However, because it’s a lipstick and not a stain, I usually don’t wear it when I know I’m going to be eating soon. And my husband knows to stick to “cheek kisses” for the night--unless we want to end up looking like Rizzo and Kenicke from Grease...

Our third option, all you ladies should love because it's a chap stick. You heard right. It's a Baby Lips chap stick. I love it because I have so much control over it--I can swipe once and have an ever so soft pink shade, or I can really lather it up and make them pop! My lips are always so chapped, that sometimes I put this over other lip colors I'm wearing already! It's amazing.

Saving our favorite for last… this option is a little more subtle and soft, and a lip wear that’s more for “everyday”.  For my wedding I wanted something soft and natural that I wouldn’t have to worry about at all, like a stain but not so intense. I found the perfect lip color from Smashbox called “Always On Liquid Lipstick”. You put it on, let it sit for a while and as it absorbs naturally, it leaves your lips this perfect soft color. And like I said, my favorite part is I can put chapstick over it because it’s stains my lips without clumping. 

I also used it for my wedding (and our pics up top!). It’s amazing and I only had to reapply it maybe twice--after our ceremony in the car and after dinner. It doesn’t clump, doesn’t dry, isn’t sticky--perfect huh?! In the pictures both of us had actually dabbed some of it off to make it even more soft, so you could definitely lay that stuff on thick and have it really pop! Unfortunately they changed the line a little bit and they don't have the exact color you see here, but we would suggest try their Big Spender color, or Dream Huge--both are lovely pinks!

Let us know your faves on our Instagram!! Happy smooching ;)