Scrapbook Paper Frames

Lauren here! I have no shame in admitting that I am obsessed with Hobby Lobby. It’s bad. I don’t go there as often as I want to because it’s a guarantee that I will walk out with a basket full of wall decor, hooks, scrapbook paper, and probably a ginormous clock I don’t necessarily need, but had a coupon for…

Hobby Lobby has some super adorable scrapbook paper that is sometimes too cute for me to want to use. Seriously though… I have a folder of scrapbook paper that I haven’t touched in years because it’s just too pretty to cut up.

But not anymore! On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby I found some adorable paper that I thought, “Uh, why isn’t this framed for me to hang and look at all day everyday??.” So I did just that! Hobby Lobby has a white wooden 12x12 frame that fits scrapbook paper perfectly! I love it because I can change out the paper whenever I want! I put Christmas paper in there in December, and currently I’m sporting this all too cute “Hello” paper. I love going back for new finds to swap out every so often!

Now I can get over my “phobia” of using really pretty paper and just storing it… I can now look at it anytime I want!

Hobby Lobby currently has these 12x12 picture frames for about $18 (use with their online 40% off coupon!) and their paper is usually a dollar, if not on sale!