Easy & Crafty Valentine's Surprise

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re like us--Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate with your man, but not one we necessarily want to have to make a restaurant  reservation for and deal with the crowds (again, Miss Anti-Social and Anti-Crowds). However, it’s always fun to make your man feel especially loved on Cupid’s day. Here is a fun DIY “stay in” date that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort, or money!

Last year Tyler had to travel a lot for work (huge bummer since I’m mega needy… no shame here sistas). He was flying home on Valentine’s Day and I wanted him to have something fun to walk into when he got back!

I found an old, big box (I may or may not have gone dumpster diving behind a Walgreens to get one--don’t tell my germ freak husband) and filled it with balloons. I bought a cheap $15 helium tank from Walmart, so when he opened the box the balloons “explode out!” I filled it with red and pink balloons, and tied and taped a couple of them to the inside flaps. Lastly, I decorated the outside with hearts, and wa-lah! 

*Please excuse the low quality pictures and sadly decorated house... maybe we can use these as before and after pictures because it's all much prettier now!


Because my life (and probably yours too) usually revolves around my next meal… I also had an Italian style "picnic" set up on our living room floor with pillows and candles. Spaghetti is such an easy meal to whip together (and one of our faves)! For some reason sitting on the floor (however inconvenient), makes it feel like a date.

It wasn’t anything huge or crazy, but he loved it and it was way more fun than waiting an hour outside a restaurant on V-Day. Because he had been traveling for a week and had a long flight back (boo airplanes!), I wanted this day to be about him. And like the AMAZING wife I am--had some man action movie ready to go after dinner.

I have also gone the easy route and instead of cooking, I've swung into Baggins (the best sandwich place in all of Tucson) for a living room picnic lunch. You could EVEN ding dong ditch your main man and leave this balloon box at his door step! Or take this whole shindig to a park and have an actual picnic (in which case I’d suggest tying all the balloons to the inside of the box!). 

Whatever you do, we hope you have a lovely and fun Valentine's Day!