Little Black Dress Inspiration

One of my favorite colors to wear is black, so no doubt- do I love me a little black dress! First of all, they’re timeless and never fail to make me feel like I’m ready for a night out on the town. I don’t own many, so my life goal is to have all the LBDs! Surprisingly, I found my favorite LBD at Ross for almost ten bucks! If you can commit to digging through racks of some pretty terrifying pieces of clothing you’ll find a gem!

I wore this dress to my bachelorette party so it holds extra special sentiment to me. But, I’ve also gotten great use out of it for Christmas parties, date nights--whatever you fancy! 

And they can easily translate from winter to summer! 


Lauren, other the hand owns a million little black dresses. They’re such a great go-to, and it's always fun to change out your shoes to make it into a new look that you haven’t worn before.

The REASON I own so many is because I have a shopping problem called “What I have is never good enough.” I’ll buy a pair of "perfect" brown boots, then my brain’s mission is to now go out and find a BETTER pair of brown boots, that are even cheaper. Hence the reason for my LBD obsession (I also have a bajillion white cotton summer dress…). But Nicole is right, most of my favorite outfits I’ve found at Ross stuffed between two HIDEOUS moo moos and a denim jumper.

Here’s a little inspiration for your LBD hunt!


This first dress Lauren & I both have. We got it at JC Penny's on Black Friday for $9. It's a perfect little swing dress that you can dress up OR down, like we did. Honestly, the only day we ever shop at JC Penny's is on Black Friday and ALWAYS score gonga deals!

This third dress is also Lauren's and she's had it for years. I wore it to my Winter Formal my junior year in High School! The back has the loveliest detail where you tie the neck together with a small bow. 


I kid you not, I got it at The Loft on clearance for like $15... 

The last dress I got at... you guessed it--ROSS! For like $13! I love it because it's so subtly sexy. I wore it on a date night to the Living Room a few weekends ago with some tights, and those exact shoes (which you'll be seeing a lot of because I'm OBSESSED!), and it was perfect. I love finding places in Tucson where I don't feel ridiculously out of place getting a little gussied up. 


Our point is, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to find the perfect LBD. With some time and determination we promise you can find your "soul mate" for under $20!