Anthropologie Finds

I love Anthropologie. Everytime I step into that store I want to buy everything in sight. I started a tradition several years ago that gave me the opportunity to splurge in Anthropologie. Anytime I go on a trip somewhere, I manage to find an Anthropologie store and buy something. Not only am I able to fulfill my obsession with Anthropologie products, but each item I buy on vacation reminds me of the fun memories I had on that vacation. Here are some of my Anthropologie finds since I started this tradition.


I love collecting cookbooks. Even if I don’t intend on using them all the time. I just love having them to look through, especially this one, which speaks to my Sicilian roots! I bought this cookbook on one of my trips to San Diego.


I bought this necklace on our trip to Vegas last summer. I love how dainty it is.


This gem is from one of the Texas trips Lauren and I took to see our friend Janette.


I bought these beauties while in Boston. I’m glad they fit in my suitcase! The candle smells divine and I love keeping my favorite recipes in this cute tin. 


I had my eye on this pretty cookbook for such a long time. I was so happy when Lauren gave it to me as a wedding gift. 

My Anthropologie collection is far from finished! Let us know your fave Anthro buys over on our Instagram!