How To Throw A Killer Bachelorette Party

Being a married woman requires you to throw at least one successful bachelorette party! Well, being sisters that was an easy thing to check off as we both hosted each other's bach. par-tays before our weddings! They both were similar in many ways, but both spectacular and memorable. 

There’s a few key components that we feel are necessary and both included in our bachelorette parties that ensured a fun time: 

  • Get gussied up with your best gals--pull out that dress that you’ve been waiting for a fun occasion to wear
  • Photo Booth--you have to have plenty of pictures to remember such a fun night with your besties
  • A fun restaurant--you can’t party on an empty stomach!
  • Lingerie--what’s a bachelorette party without some scandal!
  • Beyonce--a must in most situations, especially at a bachelorette party

For my bachelorette party, Lauren made the cutest invitations and invited some of my best friends for a night downtown and a lingerie party. We planned to meet at Lauren’s house and all drive downtown together to eat dinner at The Hub--one of my favorite restaurants. It was so fun piling into the car together and blasting Beyonce (Lauren made an awesome playlist) to start the evening off!


Dinner at The Hub was exceptional (as always), and started our night off right. After a delicious dinner, drinks, laughs and some sage wisdom from my lady friends, we headed back to Lauren’s house for dessert and lingerie. 

Lauren here... Might I also add that being hit on by two mobsters/hitmen was the highlight of the parking garage *insert nervous laugh*...

Lauren had her house decorated with black and gold everything--balloons, banner, table decorations, fun desserts and wine, so it really set the tone for a fun evening. She also spoiled me with donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and a little moscato. 

When I started opening my lingerie gifts, that’s when the real fun started. As I pulled out each piece of lingerie from the gift bag, the laughing, giggling and more sage advice started! Lauren also made me try on each piece of lingerie which was so embarrassing at first, but ended up being super fun with all the ooos, aahhs, and cat calls from my friends. 

Later that night we started up the photo booth. Lauren pinned up my new lingerie for the backdrop of our photo booth and the polaroid pictures started flying out. Some of my favorite pictures from that night was when everyone started dressing in my new lingerie over their clothes. That made for some hilarious pictures and a lot of laughs. 

Lauren’s bachelorette party was very similar to mine--why re-invent the wheel!? We met all of her best friends (most of which, were also at my party) to dinner at The Living Room, a newer restaurant at La Encantada that had delicious food and a really cool vibe. After dinner we all went back to my place for more lingerie! I had also decorated my place with a cute “Love” foil balloon, little lingerie dessert toppers and a journal where the girls could write a message to Lauren or a favorite date night idea. 

As Lauren is opening her lingerie, I’m secretly coordinating another surprise I have up my sleeve... We also made Lauren try on all her lingerie while I took polaroids of her--I hope her kids never find those!

Meanwhile, I’m texting Mitch, who is with Tyler for his bachelor party. We had pre-planned that Tyler would show up at the door in a police uniform and pretend to be a "stripper"--you know, Magic Mike style... I knew that Tyler banging on my front door, yelling “Police!” would make Lauren pee her  pants, but she would also be so excited that her soon-to-be hubby would be ending such a special night with her (props to my mom for thinking of this idea!). 

As Lauren is in the other room getting her next piece of lingerie on, I tell all the girls that Tyler and Mitch are on their way to surprise Lauren. Shortly after finishing with the lingerie and taking tons of photos, we’re all sitting on the couch when we hear an over the top, obnoxious bang at the door. We all scream like we’re being murdered--even me! Who knew what was coming!! I was legitimately scared for a second--it caught me so off guard! As I go to open the door, I can tell that Lauren is wondering what in the world I’m doing answering the door for what we all assumed was a crazy killer. Also, right as I open the door, the song “Pony” by Ginuwine coincidentally comes on and Tyler shouts, “Excuse me, but we’ve got a noise complaint from a party reported at this address!” Then he proceeds to walk over to Lauren and "strip down" over her! Luckily he was wearing his swimsuit underneath his police uniform. We were all laughing hysterically and cheering him on. It was the best surprise, and I could tell Lauren enjoyed it too (and she HATES surprises). After snapping some pictures of Lauren and Tyler, we all jumped into our swimsuits for the hot tub (I had told the girls to bring their swimsuits and asked Tyler to bring Lauren a swimsuit). The entire night was so much fun and a perfect way to end such a fun night! 

It seriously was the BEST surprise. We have a video of my outrageous reaction to Tyler busting dow the door. That may surface... maybe not... but either way it was so much fun being able to end the night with all my favorite ladies and my soon-to-be husband!

Here’s the playlist we used for our bachelorette parties:

Check On It-Beyonce
Ignition Remix-R. Kelly
I’m a Flirt-Remix- R. Kelly
Pusher Love Girl-Justin Timberlake
Sign-Snoop Dogg
Touch My Body-Mariah Carey
All Eyez-Jeremih
Crazy In Love-Beyonce
Lose My Breath-Destiny’s Child
Soldier-Destiny’s Child
Girl-Destiny’s Child
Best I Ever Had-Drake
Thinkin About You-Frank Ocean
Part II (On The Run)-Jay Z
Meiple-Robin Thicke
She’s So Fly-Nelly
Poetic Justice-Kendrick Lamar
Drop It Low-Ester Dean
Hotline Bling-Drake
Money On My Mind-Sam Smith
Drunk In Love-Beyonce
Diva-Karmatronic Club Remix-Beyonce
Single Ladies-Beyonce