Sunday Lunch

I am a person of routine. So I absolutely love that every Sunday my family has the same awesome "tradition." We all drive out to my parents house to ride to church together. Usually before we get in the car, we raid my parent's pantry for Luna Bars, Cliff Bars, bananas--anything to "hold us over" until lunch. Because heaven forbid we act like real adults and eat a substantial breakfast...

We have a rejuvenating morning of church, praisin' Jesus with family and friends, and head back "home."

All I have to say is... our poor mother. Well into our twenties we act all too much like children. Non-stop on the way home you'll hear from us in the back, "What's for lunch?" "How long will it take to be ready?" "Did you make it with the sauce like normal??" Yes. It's sad, but true. However, because my mother is Sicilian every meal is a MEAL. It's always some AMAZING new recipe from Pinterest, and she always triples the amount (even though the original says it feeds eight... our husbands still eat like they're seventeen...). Even on days when it's "just sandwiches", it's never "just sandwiches"... Three different types of meat from the deli, four different cheeses, condiments galore...and all of it already laid out plates. We are by NO means a fancy family, we are a family of hostesses. And that means if someone has to ask for a condiment that you forgot to put out then, well, you have failed. Totally kidding, but that's probably why Nicole and I are such great party planners/throwers--we learned from the master to think of everything. 

But seriously, though--our mom is the BEST and our Sunday lunches are probably one of my favorite family traditions and such a fun time to catch up on our week, joke around, and of course--eat. Our husbands learned early on that a) if you want to get a word in you need to speak up and b) you're probably not going to be heard in a group setting anyways... We are so loud and all talk over each other, it's amazing we've learned to communicate when we're all in one place! That's partly why it's so fun (terrifying to onlookers, but fun for us).

Recently, our mom made some AMAZING fish tacos. It all looked so pretty and as everyone was fixing their tortilla I yelled, "WAIT! I NEED TO BLOG THIS! DON'T EAT!" From there ensued ten minutes of yelling (I want to say screaming, but still come off as a semi-normal/calm family--is it working??). The poor boys just wanted to eat, we were making sure we looked "photo ready", and so do the tacos. It was pure chaos. But that is why I love my family! It is Sicilian madness everywhere. Needless to say the tacos were divine, and we all ate way too much which resulted in a food coma on the couch.

Family is something both Nicole and I have been immensely blessed with all around! Enjoy a sneak peek into our crazy Sunday, and enjoy the fish taco recipe below (seriously, they were SO good). Ciao!

Click HERE for the recipe's website!