I am so excited to share our Seattle adventure with you! Mitch and I made our way up to the Northwest for his brother's wedding. While celebrating Dan & Jessica, we also squeezed in some time for us to go be tourists in a city that Mitch and I have been dying to visit. Spending 3 1/2 days in Seattle was not nearly enough time for everything we wanted to do, especially since much of the time was dedicated to Dan & Jessica, but we still managed to fit in our top Seattle spots into our long weekend.


The first night in Seattle was spent in Pike Place Market with Mitch's parents & sister, Rachel. It was such a fun and surreal experience to see the farmer's markets, fish markets and beautiful flower vendors line the street. When we met up with Lori, Scott and Rachel they had been stationed at the famous Pike Place Fish Market where the employees are known for throwing fish to one another. Right before we got there, Rachel had just caught a fish that one of the employees had thrown to her. As we stood in the crowds watching the flying fish, one of the employees asked me, "you catching a fish too?" He recognized Rachel from being there minutes before and now was pressuring me to catch a fish! I'm not one for crowds, especially crowds of people watching me, so I really didn't want to get in front of everyone to catch a smelly, gross, dead fish. Nonetheless, I caved in and got behind the counter to catch a fish! I felt so cool standing behind the counter, like I knew someone who knew someone that could hook me up with a back stage pass -- but it was really just some employee asking random people if they wanted to catch a fish. I was also really nervous that I would drop the fish and look like an idiot! Luckily that didn't happen! I caught the fish perfectly and it was so fun! After I caught the fish no one told me what to do with it. All of the employees were scurrying around going about their business and I was just standing in the middle of it all with a dead fish in my hands. I felt like Baby in Dirty Dancing, "I carried a watermelon." Awkward and uncomfortable. Finally I ask, "what do I do with the fish!?" 


After my great fish adventure, we continued to walk though Pike Place and scope out a place for dinner. One of the locals recommended The Crab Pot. This was a fun restaurant where loads of seafood are dumped on the table for the taking. I'm not a seafood fan, so I stuck with fried shrimp--my go-to at seafood restaurants. The rest of the fam got a mound of Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab, Clams, Oysters, Shrimp, Corn, Sausage & Potatoes. It all looked divine, but I knew I would not be able to handle taking the head off of a shrimp that I was about to put in my mouth! 

After dinner, we spent 30 minutes walking around Seattle looking for Lori & Scott's rental car. Losing your car seems like a must on any vacation though, am I right? After finally finding the car, Mitch and I were dropped off at the Space Needle.

Before we left for the trip, we bought a CityPass that I would highly recommend purchasing before a trip to Seattle. It got us admission to a night and day viewing at the top of the Space Needle, a Harbor Cruise, the Seattle Aquarium, Chihuly Glass & Garden and tickets to the Zoo. We didn't have time to use our passes for everything, but the few places that we did use them for it was worth it. The pass was $75 per person when we bought them online and each attraction listed above was $20 per person if not more for admission. 

The views from the Space Needle are breathtaking. I always enjoy exploring big cities, but viewing the city from 35 floors in the air was awesome! And we got a free, cheesy picture to commemorate the experience! We didn't end up using the day viewing for the Space Needle, but I would love to do that if there is a next trip to Seattle in our future. 

We didn't actually stay in a hotel in Seattle during this trip. Some friends of Lori & Scott's were so gracious in letting us all stay in their Tacoma apartment that they only use a few months out of the year. The apartment is set right on Commencement Bay that is lined with adorable coffee shops, a movie theatre, restaurants and gelato shops. It was a wonderful place to stay, so we used Saturday to sleep in (we had a 7am flight into Seattle the day before) and grab lunch before the wedding! We ate lunch at Two Time, which had amazing fries and delicious sandwiches. I'm like Joey from Friends, I cannot deny a sandwich!

The view from the apartment we stayed at was amazing!

Mitch was the best man for Dan & Jessica's wedding so he ended up getting to the venue much earlier than the rest of us. It was so nice to be with family on such a joyous occasion. 

The last leg of our trip consisted of hitting up more top sites on our bucket list. We started the day at Pike Place where we could not resist having fish-n-chips for breakfast from a local market called Jack's Fish Spot (we were their first customers of the day!) We also hit up a cheesecake shop shortly after that had to-die-for cheesecake. After, we used our CityPass on the Argosy Harbor Cruise, which is a 1-hour narrated cruise around the harbor--well worth it! We did a harbor cruise in Boston and loved it, so we knew that we would really enjoy getting back on a boat for a Seattle harbor cruise. 

Later, we met up with the family at Seattle Aquarium right off the pier. 

We had also heard that Bill Speidel's Underground Tour was a must. This was not on our CityPass but opted to pay the $17 per person for the 75 minute tour through Pioneer Square. This was also well worth it! The tour gives you incredible history on Seattle's beginnings and literally takes you through Seattle's underground to see how a city was built on top of a city!

After this tour ended we headed to the Chihuly Glass & Garden but didn't end up making it in time before closing. That will also be on next trip's agenda! Later that night we ate at Cutters Crab House, where we had incredible Fettuccine Alfredo topped with delicious, fresh shrimp. 

Our last day in Seattle was spent at Alki Beach. We love spending our time near the water, so breathing in the fresh, pacific air before our flight was the perfect way to end this trip. We ate a quick lunch at Duke's Chowder House right off the beach. Mitch got a delicious Clam Chowder bread bowl and I got yet another sandwich that was also delicious!

After we got back I made a Mixbook of our trip. Mixbook is a website that allows you to create a digital scrapbook and have it printed into a photo album. Lauren introduced me to this site when she decided to make a Mixbook of her & Tyler's honeymoon. The site has such cute scrapbooking stickers and backgrounds that you can add to your book and really personalize it the way you like! It is also a really user friendly site. I've included some screenshots of my Mixbook as I was creating it. 


Let me know your favorite places in Seattle! Mitch and I would love to go back and even extend our trip to Victoria one day!